“I am the principal at Madison Elementary School. We use iTouches in our instruction daily and are constantly on the lookout for great apps for all levels of learners. I found Penelope the Purple Pirate an entertaining story that engaged our students while encouraging them to follow along with the words as the story was read. This high-interest story and interactive format makes this app a winner!”

— Michelle Hayes, Principal
Madison Elementary School

“Games on the iPhone are nice; [but] having books on hand make you feel a little less guilty about trying to keep the kid occupied on mile-long supermarket checkout lines. PicPocket Books adapts great kids’ books for the iPhone, and they start at just a buck apiece in iTunes.”
Cool Mom Picks

“I loved ROUND IS A MOONCAKE. The book is well done. I am excited to see some great books like Grace Lin’s becoming part of the world of [iPhone] picture books. I am so happy to see PicPocket Books working toward getting quality books reformatted in this way.
— Franki from the The Reading Year

“From a parental perspective, I love the integration of art, technology and literacy in PicPocket Books.”
— Dr. Venus E. Evans-Winters, Illinois State University, Department of Educational Administration & Foundations

TechSavvyMama says that “I appreciate PicPocket’s large selection that ranges from classic content from established publishers, simple board books for younger children, concept books, easy readers for those beginning readers, fairy tales, and the fact that there is a culturally diverse selection.”
Read full blog post at TechSavvyMama, as well as an interview with founder Lynette Mattke!

Penelope the Purple Pirate is a fun interactive romp with Penelope and her charming friends…wonderful  read and discover app with great visuals and sounds! Love the fun filled facts at the end to test everyone’s comprehension.
— Alexandra Uhl, owner, A Whale of a Tale Children’s Bookshoppe, Irvine, CA

“Educational apps are always tops with me as they help me in my teaching. Reading is especially important to me, and I am thrilled that we aren’t loosing that ability in the tech enhanced world we live in. I absolutely loved sharing the PicPocket Book app with my girls.”
— Jennifer, teacher, busy mom of three, and blogger. Read more of her review of our title Sleeping Beauty.

“While reading an old-fashioned book will always be a tradition in our house, I would much rather see [my daughter] touch and slide her way through a iPod book than watch an extra hour of TV.”
— Matthew Siden, Nugget Island, Children’s Media professional. Read the review at

PicPocket Books is now listed on the Mobile Libraries blog!

The Super Mom blog reviews “My Friend Isabelle”, and rates it 5 stars (out of 5). She writes:
“… The ITunes version is very well done, the words are highlighted as the story goes along for early readers to follow and the illustrations look bright and cheery. When the illustrations are too large, and span both pages, the screen scrolls across both slowly, so you can see it all. The narrator does an excellent job reading the text with enough inflection in her voice to keep the story entertaining.”
Read the full post at The Super Mom.

“I am thrilled to have found PicPocket Books. My son (5 years old) is an emergent reader. The stories keep him occupied in the car and he’s also able to follow the text along with the audio, so he is practicing and reinforcing his reading skills.”
— Holly R., Charlotte, NC

“Picture books on my phone is a great idea – since I always carry my phone – I now always have entertainment for my young children, and I can download new books straight from iTunes. (It was a lifesaver when I was recently out to lunch with my adult friends.)”
— Anne S., New York, NY

While out with my kids (3 and 6), I got stuck waiting in a longer-than-anticipated line. Thankfully, I had downloaded My Friend Isabelle from PicPocket Books, which not only kept my kids from being bored; they were a captive audience to the beautifully written and illustrated story.
— Mom, Silver Spring, MD

As a parent and a teacher, I must say that I love this presentation of a lovely book. The pleasant read along voice with highlighted words is the perfect instructional methodology for my 5 year old who is just learning to read. And my three year old loves being read to. The message of the book is just what I want for my kids. Thanks for bringing books to my iPhone in such an elegant way. Please keep the books coming. Webpage for Dapoxetine online pharmacy.
— Grooviration, via iTunes

“Collaborating with PicPocket Books to make my books into Apps has been a very positive experience. PicPocket Books creates impressive, quality work in a very professional and timely manner. I would highly recommend PicPocket Books.”
—Author-Illustrator Maryann Cocca-Leffler
Apps: “Wednesday is Spaghetti Day” and “What A Pest”

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