Frequently Asked Questions: Enjoying our Apps

Q: How much does it cost to download a book?
A: Books range in price from $0.99 – $8.99.

Q: How do I purchase a book?
A: Books are currently available for purchase at the Apple App Store.

Q: Do I get to play the app only once or as many times as I want?
A: Once you download a book, it is yours to play as long as you want.

Q: What mobile viewing and listening options does each book support?
A: Every book comes with the following options: audio narration, automatic page turning, touch-screen interaction and “learn-to-read” functionality in which words are highlighted as they are read aloud and/or can be touched to be heard. We are updating our apps to also include personal recordings and greater interactivity with the text for early readers.

Q: What if my child can’t read?
A: Your child can just listen to the audio narration. In consumer tests, we’ve found that children who can’t read nonetheless follow the words along, which may help them with early reading skills later.

Q: What if my child is not old enough to “turn the page?”
A: Pages will turn automatically at the designated places within the narration.

Q: What devices are supported?
A: The Apple iPhone and iPod touch are currently supported. We are currently working on offering our titles on other smartphones as well.

Q: What languages do Picpocket books support?
A: Books are currently available in English, and some titles are in Spanish and Dutch as well.  Additional languages will be added in the future.

Q: What other titles are coming out in the near future?
A: We are constantly adding new titles to our lineup. Once we submit an app to iTunes for review and acceptance, we will list it on our Browse All Books page. Please check back often!

Can I play your apps on my computer?
A: No, unfortunately not. Apps work only on iPhones and iPod touch devices for now.

Q: I’d like to see my favorite book on your list – can I nominate titles for publication?
A: We appreciate any and all suggestions. Please email your favorite titles to our publisher.

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