August 10th, 2009 | posted by: Eva

Learning in disguise…

I like when education sneaks up on me.

Concepts are often hidden. We don’t learn most of what we know via rote memorization, or by being hit over the head with dry “facts.” Much of the time, we learn by experiencing and taking in knowledge in our own time. 

For me and for many, a lot of learning comes with reading. This kind of learning is critical for young children. Reading picture books is so important! An article on one of our new books, “Cucumber Soup,” emphasizes that “Meaningful learning takes place when children experience math and science [and other subjects] in ways that relate to their own day-to-day lives.”

The cute story of various insects that come together to move a big cucumber, subtly instructs. It explores counting, weight, balance, cooperation, and teamwork. With the recipe for “Cucumber Soup” in the back, it also introduces children to cooking in the kitchen (safely – there is no fire involved in this recipe!). Cucumber soup seems like a delicious summer snack to me!

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  1. Amy says:

    That’s how kids and adults learn best

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